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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hi all!

Well, the blog is up and it's all exciting times here at the 'Ultra Clean' camp. I will confess when I first heard Tristram wanted me to do something involving cleaning I didn't assume a web-series, in fact I went the opposite and expected to actually, you know, clean!

Luckily (and obviously) that wasn't the case and here we are about a week later taking this seriously. I read the scripts and I was immediately excited about the key conceit of the show, like what Tristram said (read previous post), outdoor filming just bloody sucks. However filming in different houses every episode could prove to be even more interesting, but I look forward to raiding another house each work, and I hope the viewers do to.

I will upload new stuff to this blog, whether it will be a production still, something about the cast (when they are locked in) and even great behind the scenes videos.

Watch this space!
-John W

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