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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Terrible Photos of Rehearsals

We had rehearsals for the pilot last night, which were fantastic.  The actors were really clicking in the roles and we had lots of big laughs.  It was a joy.  To remember this event, I took a selection of terrible photos.

This is the first terrible photo I took.  It's very blurry and I don't know what our director John is doing in this shot.  It looks like he's miming leaning on a steering wheel with his arm, although I'm not even sure that's his arm, because it's so blurry.  It could be a child's leg.

This photo isn't terrible for Tara, because she's captured quite clearly.  It's not even that terrible for Tina, who's quite blurry, but at least looks happy about it.  It is terrible for Ollie though.  Sorry, Ollie.  I don't know what to say.  Also, aficionados will notice that what the actors are doing is not rehearsing.  It's sitting/leaning on things and listening to someone talk.  This was a recurring theme of my rehearsals photos.

This is the least terrible of the terrible rehearsals photos.  But it's still terrible.  No one is rehearsing, and James looks a bit angry (which he wasn't, but terrible photos have a way of telling their own stories).  At least Ollie is in focus - or is he?

This last one is definitely the most terrible of my terrible rehearsals photos.  It hits two home runs straight away, in that it's out of focus and it doesn't capture anyone in the act of rehearsing.  Added to that is the bizarre framing, which is like something a Swedish film director would do if he was terrible.  I think what I really wanted to capture with this shot was a wall, but I was willing to allow two of the people who attended rehearsals in on either side of that wall (wall permitting).

So, yes, the photos are terrible.  But the rehearsals were amazing, and that's what really matters here.  After all, the success of a series does not come down to the scriptwriter's ability to capture photos on his smart phone.  I'm sure Aaron Sorkin's photos of rehearsals for The Newsroom were terrible.  And that show turned out to be... not terrible.  Case closed, good night.

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