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Monday, October 22, 2012


I'm excited!  We're making our pilot!

(You know what a pilot is, right?  It's the first episode of a TV or web series, which acts as a trial run to see if financiers want to go ahead with more episodes of the show.)

Since we all understand the term, please join me in my excitement over the fact that we're making our 'on spec' pilot!

(You know what 'on spec' means, right?  It means we're making the pilot without financial backing.  We're counting on the fact that sponsors will be so impressed by our product that they'll pay for it - and for the remaining 11 episodes of the series.)

Now you can definitely join with me in one voice to express excitement about our 'on spec' inter-erectile pilot!

(I made up the term "inter-erectile".  It's not a thing.)

John and I truly are over the moon that we're making the pilot for Ultra Clean.  The accomplished and adventurous Action Productions team was impressed with our concept and has decided to partner on the show with us.  It's great news for us, because it means our pilot will be slick, professional and ready for broadcast - whether that's via web or television.  We've set a shooting date in mid-November, so we've only got a few weeks to get our Toilet Ducks in a row.  That was a joke, because Ultra Clean is a show about cleaning and Toilet Duck is used to clean toilets.

We're meeting with the actors for a rehearsal this week, where we'll be nailing down the performances and the characters.  When you're making a pilot, you're actually establishing a huge part of what the show as a whole will be like.  Do we want a character to speak with a lisp?  Do we want all the characters to speak with lisps?  If we're going to make the world's first all-lisp sitcom, that's a call we have to make now.  This week.

The other reason rehearsal is important for us is that we'll be shooting our whole pilot in a day.  We won't have time to work things out while we shoot, so everyone will need to know what they're doing.  It's going to require almost military timing on the behalf of the whole cast and crew.

And, in summary, that's why I'm excited.  Because I love the military.  Go troops!!

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