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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moving things along

Well, what a hectic few days that was. As the previous post confirmed, we have a cast!
What a cast they are, they laugh at my terrible jokes! But in all seriousness they are really great to work with, and this can now move along even further.

Today we all got together to do some promotional shots (will try and upload a small video by the end of this week) and basically get together again to talk our next step of the plan.

We are also discussing our future after the pilot, as any good pitch needs to know where it is going next. We are really building up to something great! We hope to be meeting up with production companies next week.

I guess the most ideal situation would be that we are filming (or even finished filming) the pilot by this time next month, so it's all getting serious here now.

Of course we will continue to blog about it to keep you all in the loop. (Or follow us on twitter @UltraCleanTV)

Finally, I didn't get bitten.
-John W

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